The Consortium

The CRETE project consists of five Higher Education Institutions and two small-medium enterprises (SMEs). The partners were selected based on their expertise in order for the project to be able to have the selected educational outcomes. The partners and the expertise bring to the project are the following:

  • School of Engineering, Institute Politechnico Do Porto, Porto, Portugal
  • Robotics / Artificial Intelligence / Maschine Learning / Blended Teaching
  • CRETE Project in IPP – click here
  • Contact person: Professor Nuno Escudeiro / email: / Skype: nuno.escudeiro

  • Department of Electronics, Thomas More, Geel, Belgium
  • Embedded Systems / IoT
  • CRETE Project in Thomas More – please click here
  • Contact person: Mrs Phaedra Degreef / email: / Skype:

  • Physics Department, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland
  • Quantum Computing / Graphene & 2D Materials
  • CRETE project in University of Warsaw – please click here
  • Contact person: Professor Andrej Twardowski / email: / Skype: andrzejtwardowski17

  • Project Management / Conflict Management / Entrepreneurship
  • CRETE Project in EVM – please click here
  • Contact person: Mr Ricardo Tavio / / Skype: ricardo.evm