2nd Intensive Course in 4th Industrial Revolution Skills, Instituto Polytechnico do Porto (IPP), 20th – 24th of April 2020, Porto, Portugal

See you in Porto!

ATTN: Due to coronavirus, the 2nd Intensive program of the CRETE project in Porto has been postponed for September (7th to 11th). The situation will be re-evaluated by the end of July in order to check if the new dates will allow the participants to travel and participate in the School without risking their and the public health

The 2nd Intensive program of the CRETE project will take place in Porto from the 20th to the 24th of April 2020 and will be hosted by the IPP (in google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/S6FP1TKJ8eYevFdG7). The educational program includes workshops and lectures. The School will follow a blending teaching approach, which means prior to the school study will be requested. This is essential in order for the following workshops to be more efficient and interactive with the students. The workshops will be implemented during the course will be:

  • Build your company in a day (led by EVM)
  • How to write a CV and behave in an interview (led by EVM, HMU, and W2L)
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence to face real-life problems (led by IPP)
  • Journal Club Presentations applying Problem Based Learning approach (led by AAU and HMU)

The lectures will target the CRETE topics: (a) Robotics & Artificial Intelligence; (b) Data Science; (c) IoT Applications; (d) 3D Printing; and (e) Exotic Materials in Electronics. All the students’ registrations should have completed by the end of March 2020. The registration form can be found here. The lecture program can be found here

2nd LTTA of the CRETE Project, 20 – 24th of April 2020, IPP, Porto, Portugal

Accommodation Options

For teachers, ideal Accommodation in walking distance from the venue is the IBIS hotel, please check for availability and fares following this link: https://goo.gl/maps/BAbRf3VTv72WiwBB9. Another option could be Hotel Beta, http://belver-beta-porto.porto.hotels-pt.net/en/. In case someone would like to stay in the city center, there are a lot of options.

For students, and in order to enjoy life beyond lectures, it is suggested the option of AirB&B. The campus is connected with frequent schedules of metro or tram with the Porto City Center