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In this webpage, all the necessary documentation for the smoother management of the CRETE project will be found.

Financial Management Guides & Instructions

  • Please find attached here the Financial and Administration Guide of the CRETE project  
  • Please find attached the Cost Statement Request for the period extended from 01/10/2018 until 30/04/2019

Logos to be used 

  • Here are the two logos to be used in any presentation and dissemination event: (a) The Greek National Agency logo (please click here); (b) The European Commission (please click here); and (c) the project’s logo (please click here)
  • At the end of any educational product, the logo of the creative commons licenses CC-BY 4.0 international license should be placed. The latter describes the copyrights of the project’s educational material or presentation. To learn more about this copyright statue please click here. The logo can be found here

Templates to be used

  • To access the timesheet template please click here
  • To access the cost statement template, please click here
  • To access the presentation templates to be used during the 1st Intensive Course in AAU, please click here
  • To access the presentation template to be used for your course development, please click here

Management Presentations, Progress Meeting’s Agenda and Minutes

  •  Associate Professor Konstantinos Petridis kick-off meeting presentation (November 2018, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland) – please click here
  • Kick-off meeting Agenda & Minutes (November 2018, Warsaw, Poland)
  • 1st Progress Meeting Agenda & Minutes (5th of April 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark)
CRETE 1st Kick-off Meeting, Physics Department, University of Warsaw, November 2018
1st Progress Meeting, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, April 2019
At the end of the 2nd CRETE Progress Meeting hosted in Thomas More – De Nayer Campus, 26th of September 2019, Belgium
  • A-Zoom Meeting took place on the 27th of March 2020 in order for the consortium to (a) re-evaluate the impact of the coronavirus into the project, and (b) evaluate the progress of CRETE deliverables. Please find attached the coordinator’s presentation, the meeting minutes and the zoom meeting recording

Evaluation Questionnaires & Reports

  • 1st Intensive Course Evaluation Questionnaire Template – please click here
  • Evaluation Report (a Summary) regarding the 1st Intensive Course (AAU, April 2019) – please click here
  • The Full Report regarding the 1st Intensive program can be found here
  • 1st Intensive Course Post Evaluation Questionnaire Template (after four months of the course; how do you exploit the knowledge get) – please click here
  • Post survey report for the 1st Intensive Course took place in AAU (1-4th of April 2019), please click here
  • 1st-year Management Evaluation Report (2018 – 2019), please check here

Dissemination Materials

  • Read CRETE project’s news – please click here
  • CRETE Project’s Banner – please click here to download it
  • CRETE 1st Intensive Course’s Video – please click here to download it
  • CRETE project’s 1st newsletter has been released. Please click here to view it
  • CRETE project was disseminated by Dr. Petridis during the International Days of Thomas More University in the Geel Campus. The event took place from the 19-22nd of March 2019 (See Photos Below)
  • CRETE 1st Multiplier Event, 23rd of May 2019, Department of Electronic Engineering, Hellenic Mediterranean University, Chania, Crete: 50 local and guests from abroad attend the event during which Dr. Konstantinos Petridis presented the objectives & the actions of the program
Photos from the lectures given by Dr. Petridis (HMU) during which the CRETE project was disseminated – International Days Thomas More University, Geel, Belgium (19-22nd of March 2019)
1st Crete Multiplier Event, 23rd of May 2019, Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU)
During the presentation of the CRETE Project, HMU, May 2019
  • Dr. Evangelia Triantafylou from Aalborg University during the 6th Erasmus Week (22nd to the 25th of May 2019) that took place in the Hellenic Mediterranean University, presented the Principles of Problem Based Learning, which is a main deliverable of the CRETE project. The auditorium received her two-hour presentation with great happiness and great discussions were followed
Dr. Eva Triantafylou from AAU, partner of the CRETE Project presents PBL principles during the 6th Erasmus Week hosted by the HMU (22nd – 25th of May 2019)
  • Dr. Eva Triantafylou disseminated the project during an event held by the Danish National Agency, please check here
  • CRETE Project is disseminated through W2L webpage, please click here